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We are running out of Space - H*E*L*P
After 50 years in business and tens of thousands of portrait sessions and weddings, we are running out of room to store all the negatives and digital files we have accumulated over the years. Here is your final chance to own ALL the images from photo-shoots you had made at Carroll Studios of Photography. Because of lack of storage space, we are forced to recycle old images to make room for new sessions. We may still have your digital images on file, but not for long.

We have previously offered for sale and/or recycled all old negatives/files through 2004, so those MAY no longer be available!! But, if you were photographed after that date, you still have time to claim the negatives/files from photo-shoots that we did for you through 2016. Many of these images are now in digital form, so you will be able to use them without any having to convert them from negatives.

Any existing negatives and/or digital files, created before 2017, are available to our past clients for a small handling fee of only $49/session and $99/wedding, plus tax.

Unfortunately, this offer is only good until we reach your images in our files. Once we get to your files, we will be sending all materials to our supplier's reclamation facility for credit and safe elimination of the images.

NOTE: We have some clients that have a large number of sessions and have asked if they could make payments on their purchase. We have worked it out with our billing company and now you can spread the payments for your purchase out over the coming months.

Please call us today at (414) 445-2220 to purchase your images. I know you will want to retain this important part of your family's heritage in a safe place for the future. So be sure to call Today before you forget. (Note: Unfortunately, some images/files may no longer be available, so be sure to call to verify they are still in our files.)

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