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Hundt Family
Several years ago, Paul and Pat Hundt of Elm Grove thought the time was right for a family portrait. With their children in college and their daughter Mary Beth soon to be engaged, they wanted what might be their last portrait before their family changed forever. Their initial thought was to display the portrait in their foyer, but after seeing it positioned over the fireplace in their living room, they realized that the foyer would not do it justice

Kuhn Family
Dr. Michael Kuhn and his wife Doris of Elm Grove wanted a family portrait of their extended family to keep as an heirloom and remembrance. Since one of their daughters and her family would be moving out of the country, it was important to them to be able to keep everyone together. They were considering hanging their portrait in a hallway but when we showed them how replacing an art print in their family room with their beautiful portrait would show off the love and respect they all share, they were ecstatic.

The Augustins, Jeff, Linda and the Augustine kids were one family who eagerly took advantage of the opportunity we gave them to utilize our virtual technology. They were anxious to see how their portrait might look hanging above a table in their family room. They were confident that the location they chose was a good one but actually seeing their portrait in the exact 30X40 size hanging over their table assured them that it was perfect.
What's the Best Size and Place
for Your Family Portrait???

Imagine trying to drive your family around in a 2-seater sports car or wearing a wall clock around your wrist to tell the time. Of course this is absurd, right?

While most of us make correct size choices all day long based on common sense and intuition, many people seem to be in the dark when it comes to determining the best size for their wall portraits. If a portrait is made too large for an area, it can look crowded or overpowering, and if it's too small, it will look lost or insignificant.

So where do you start

First, determine the best location(s) for your portrait to hang (such as the room where you spend most of your time) to maximize your enjoyment. Keep in mind what the comfortable viewing distance will be which will allow you to recognize everyone's expressions. If every time you want to enjoy the portrait, you need to get up walk up close to it, then it's somewhat defeating. When you've made this investment in a beautiful portrait, you should be able to enjoy it from anywhere in the room. Next, measure the horizontal and vertical distance of the available blank wall space. Many interior designers recommend that your artwork should cover 50% to 75% of your available wall space for proper balance.

Virtual Projection Technology

In addition, with the use of Virtual Projection Technology, we can be sure that the overall size of the portrait is in balance with the rest of the room. We now have the ability now to show you a visual representation of exactly how your portrait will look hanging in your home before you order it.

Following your portrait session, in your home, we will photograph your empty wall. Then, back at the studio, we will digitally place your portrait into a frame and onto the photograph of your wall. You will then be able to see the size that is best for your portrait. We can also show you some alternate sizes as well. This approach has taken all the guesswork out of sizing and made the decisions for our clients not only easy but also comfortable in knowing they've made the right decision.

Photographic portrait art is our passion, but providing our clients with choices and ultimately portraits that are appropriate and perfect for their needs and desires is what keeps them coming back year after year.


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