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Our Featured Family - The Burgs

When Jeff & Kim Burg brought their daughter Abbey in for senior pictures from DSHA, their package included a complimentary family portrait session. Finally having the opportunity for Jeff's parent's, John & Janice Burg, to come back up to Wisconsin for a visit from their retirement in Florida, it was the perfect time to get the whole Burg gang together for a beautiful family portrait.


Color harmony is one of the key elements in having a portrait be successful and it's one of the topics we discuss at all of our pre-session consultations. Because this family of 14 was made up of 4 separate households, it was decided that since everyone had a white shirt of some sort and a pair of jeans in their closets, that that would be the color pallet we would work with.


The outdoor session was scheduled over two month in advance and we were all crossing our fingers for good weather. Wouldn't you know it, a summer storms came up an hour before the session time. Luckily it was fast moving and by the time everyone arrived, the sun was shining and we had beautiful clear skies.


After photographing the main group, we then arranged smaller groups and photographed them. We started with John & Janice (Grandma and Grandpa) then went on to all of the grandchildren, followed by Jeff and his two brothers, and then each separate family. It was a great evening and a great memory for everyone.


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